ARE you obsessed with living on the land of your African ancestors? Or maybe you’re still on a Black Panther high and ready to make.the.move…to the Motherland! Either way, a fact-finding Africa trip is in order. Why, you ask?

Well, sure, you could move to the continent cold turkey. We know a few folks who’ve done it before! But what if you’re the type who needs a bit more security? Then you gotta plan a short term visit (or two) to the continent to soak up some knowledge about your potential future home.

Whether it’s three weeks or three months, treat this trip as a vacation with a purpose. Don’t worry. You can still get your sightseeing on! But if you’ve made it aaall the way to Africa and even have an inkling of an interest in relocating someday, you’ll want to squeeze as much as you can out of your next trip there.

A visit to an African country is an amazing opportunity to learn where you could fit in personally and professionally. So what exactly do you need to do while you’re on your fact-finding Africa trip? Here’s our sage advice. Read more…

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