“I’m a 28-year-old who never got to finish school because of one thing,” says Kiki Mordi. “It wasn’t because I wasn’t brilliant or anything — I was a high flyer when I was growing up. But I didn’t even finish. All because of sexual harassment.”

According to Mordi, one of her professors withheld her exam results for two semesters because she refused his sexual advances, leading her to drop out of school and give up her dream of becoming a doctor. Mordi tried to report her sexual harassment at the time but says, “It was clear nothing was going to be done.”

“That’s robbery,” she says. “If there’s any one place in the world girls should feel safe, it’s school.”

Mordi pursued journalism instead, and her most recent project — the BBC Africa Eye documentary Sex for Grades — tackles sexual harassment at West African universities. Mordi and her team interviewed dozens of current and former students about their experiences with sexual harassment.

Their research culminated in an hourlong film that shows Mordi and three other undercover reporters using hidden cameras over the course of three months to film lecturers at the regionally prominent University of Lagos and University of Ghana. In the footage, lecturers harass, proposition and attempt to blackmail Mordi and her fellow reporters in closed-door meetings. Read more…

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