Rockville, Maryland interfaith pastor Jay Speights, 66, recently told his story to the Washington Post.

Speights told the Post that in April, he took an AncestryDNA test to learn about his heritage. Like many African Americans, Speights didn’t know much about where specifically in Africa his ancestors came from before they were enslaved.

After getting his initial results back from the company, he learned that he had a distant cousin from Benin. He then decided to input the data into a secondary database just for African Americans and within minutes it alerted him that he had “royal DNA,” the Post reported.

It reportedly wasn’t until a few months later, when a contingent from Benin visited a New York seminary where Speights serves as an executive director, that he connected to his long-last family. A member of the contingent recognized the name of Speights’ distant relative and gave him the king’s phone number, according to the Post. Read more…

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