During International Education Week, I’m delighted to share the State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs’ plan to strengthen U.S.-Africa university partnerships. We are committed to supporting higher education links that expose African students, faculty, and administrators to the diversity and innovation on American campuses, while fostering increased institutional collaboration between U.S. and African universities.

The University Partnerships Initiative (UPI) is designed to strengthen collaboration between U.S. and African universities while harnessing the enormous opportunity posed by Africa’s projected doubling in population by 2050 and the “youth bulge” it will produce. Expanding existing links and promoting new partnerships at the university level will strengthen Africa’s educational institutions as instruments of national development – enhancing regional prosperity, security, and stability. Such cooperation will also promote the values of academic freedom, human rights, and good governance, which are increasingly under threat across Africa and around the world as less-open societies attempt to export their own models of development. Read more…

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