Posted on September 07, 2018, 11:49 pm
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The U.S. Africa Dispatch envisions to be the premier news platform for the reporting and analysis of the policies, the politics, and the interactions that surround the relationship between the U.S. and Africa- plain and simple. This platform will serve as a dispatch that informs, educates, and connects the stakeholders of the U.S.- Africa relationship so as to contribute to a better understanding between and the mutual benefit of those involved.


The U.S. Africa Dispatch gives voice to decision makers on both sides of the U.S.- Africa relationship and relays the experiences of the people who may be impacted by the policies and the politics at the center of the U.S.-Africa relationship. The core of our mission is to used our strategically developed network of reliable sources to provide you with breaking news, original reports, interviews, analysis, and links to pertinent information on the U.S.-Africa relationship. In 500 words or less (unless it is an investigative piece, an interview, or a profile piece), we will give you the essential information about the U.S.-Africa relationship and explain why it matters.